1. "Let me explain this: In the California public school system, during elementary school, you take about half a year to a full year to learn about how the Spanish subjugated the native peoples of California or just worked them as if they were livestock."

    I’m so glad Jesse Thorn pointed out how weird the Mission Studies program is because I have always thought it was bizarre. My fourth grade class built the FUCK out of some model missions (mine was rust-painted styrofoam and cardboard and it looked pretty good but that show-off Joanne built hers out of Legos) and we took a full-day field trip to the Santa Barbara Mission and spent a LOOOOOT of time reading those “first-person” accounts written for grade schoolers from the POV of like, a Chumash girl and also a Spanish boy, and NO ONE EVER THOUGHT ABOUT HOW WEIRD THIS IS. WE DEDICATE SO MUCH TIME TO IT AND NO ONE EVER TALKS ABOUT HOW AWFUL THE ACTUAL ATROCITIES ARE. WE JUST LEARN ABOUT THE GODDAMN MISSIONS AND HOW THEY’RE ALL A DAY’S HORSEBACK RIDE APART FROM EACH OTHER AND BLAHBLAHBLAH.

    Seriously, California. What the hell.

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