1. A photo tour of what I believe to be a cocaine front because how could you possibly sustain a BRAZILIAN GOODS store?!


    On this week’s Jordan, Jesse, Go!, Jesse mentions this Brazilian goods store that opened up near his house on Valencia street here in San Francisco when he was about 16, and how it had to be a drug front. I actually lived across the street from Jesse’s mom for like 10 years (like, directly; our house numbers were consecutive). I was 8 or 9 when the store opened, and I remember its opening well. Because my parents and I all immediately thoughts “well, there’s no way this is going to last.” Who needs Brazilian products in the Mission?! But here we are, fifteen years later, and it’s still open. There is no way this isn’t a drug front.

    I had never gone inside before today, but while my mom and I were out grocery shopping, we decided to go inside so I could take some pictures. Sadly, I didn’t get to photograph the sketchy back office area cause I was afraid they’d notice me, and my mom failed by not pointing out the basket labeled “ALL EXPIRED ITEMS.” But I did take 15 photos. That totally happened.

    Normally they have a really nationalistic window display that features a Brazilian flag and either a soccer jersey or a flag bikini on a mannequin, but now it’s all decked out for Halloween, so I didn’t photograph that. I got pretty much every other part of the store, though. So this is a tour, I guess. Also they were selling samosas for some reason. That picture’s pretty blurry, so I figured I should point it out.