1. Holy shit this is insane.



    Dangeruss - “My Fork” (Youtube, 2011)

    While noted white person Riff Raff was running around claiming that the James Franco character in Harmony Korine’s new movie about idk young people or something was based entirely on Riff’s own internet kewl swag dad/infomercial spokesperson hybrid persona, the Hobgoblin himself later clarified with the devastatingly to the point phrase none of that is true. In fact, the principle inspiration for the role was a lesser known St. Petersburg D-Boy rapper by the name of Dangeruss. (Sweet fact checking, guy who used to blog about Pitchfork and everybody on the internet who aggregated him without blinking. To be fair though, who could’ve possibly expected a rapper with a Worldstarhiphop tattoo to lie to the press?)

    This ain’t Club Nouveau*, I don’t give a fuck about any of these rumors and I only sort of know who Korine is because his name came up a lot when I was writing and reading about the popular rap group Odd Future Wolf Gang Take Candid Polaroid Of Them All. Dangeruss though, is kind of close to outstanding. He’s like the lovechild of Gunplay and the white rasta that I went to high school with who just posted a picture of himself playing melodica in a forest on Facebook. ”My Fork” isn’t as self aware as anything Riff has done and maybe that’s why it seems even more wasted. When the beat drops after the hook as if it’s about to set off a verse but then Russ pops right back up again like “My Fork, My Fork!” all I can think is Rap Game Bruce McCulloch.  

    *Or Timex Social Club, actually.