1. Jordan, Jesse GO! Ep. 245: Ultimate Drumming Technique with Brent Weinbach

    • Brent Weinbach: …he used to have a jacket--a leather jacket--that said "Dr. Dick" on the back of it. Found it somewhere. And he threw it away at one point! He was cleaning his apartment out, or moving, I think he moved, and he decided "I don't need this anymore" and I said "WHAT? I'll keep it for you! I'll hold--give it to me!" I think he threw it out--Dr. Dick! I just feel like, that's a real waste. A real waste
    • Jesse Thorn: and it's especially bittersweet to those of us who only have, say, a Master's Degree in dick.
    • Brent Weinbach: Right.
    • Jordan Morris: I mean, I'm stripping to put myself through dick grad school.