1. Presenting: Make Your Thing!

    A couple years ago, I started giving a talk on making independent media. My friend Merlin introduced me the first time I did it, at a 40-seat theater on Mission Street in San Francisco. A little while later, I wrote an article based on it, and sent it to my friend Jay Allison’s website, Transom. It ended up being the most popular article in the history of the site, and one of the most impactful things I’ve ever done.

    Now, I’m working to translate my little article into an in-person event. Why? Because there are so many people doing this work now, and I want them to be able to teach each other things, without me getting in the way. Hence: Make Your Thing.

    So, if enough folks want to come, we’ll have quite the extravaganza here in Los Angeles in October. A celebration of all things indie and creative. I’ve already confirmed folks ranging from Vernon Reid of Living Colour to the TV and internet TV writer Jane Espenson to the indie wrestler Colt Cabana to Camas Davis - who’s an indie butcher. We’ll be talking, partying, doing business and rocking out.

    So run over to the Kickstarter page now. Watch the video. Buy a ticket, or access to the videos. And tell a friend. Because as any indie creator knows: this stuff only works if you’ve got word of mouth ;).